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Now, more than ever, business relationships are started with and run on a reliable communication infrastructure. Nearly all transactions involve telephone, fax, or e-mail, making your cabling network the backbone for a successful business. Unique organizations require unique solutions. Jimco Technology Inc is the technological partner you need to develop customized, reliable, and flexible voice and data cabling communication solutions. It’s our goal to create scalable infrastructure for you that lets you keep focused on your day-to-day operations.

Jimco Technology Inc. is a full service voice and data cabling company with extensive experience in the industry. We are a full service technology company based in Lebanon Oregon who provide a wide range of innovative solutions and services to companies all over the state of Oregon. At Jimco Technology, we pride ourselves in taking the extra step to ensure the job will be done right the first time. Our service professionals are highly qualified installers and technicians who ensure the highest quality standards through every phase of the project, from installation, to quality control and certification. Our commitment to flexible solutions, reliability and complete customer satisfaction make us the best choice for your voice and data cabling needs.

Those solutions include CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, fiber optic, wireless and CCTV infrastructures. Our expertise with voice and data cabling allows us to go beyond cable installations; we also perform the tedious task of abandoned cable removal in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC)

Ortronics Certified – TE/AMP Certified - ETA Fiber Optics Certified – Hubbell Certified – Pelco Authorized Reseller/Partner – Panasonic Authorized Partner

Other product lines supported are Panduit, Leviton, Hubbell, Belden, Corning, Essex, Systemax, plus many others.

Jimco has over 25 journeymen and apprentices on our books at the moment, working on all aspects of voice, data and fiber optical installations. We have a fleet of vehicles that carry ladders, power tools and a smattering of most basic manufacturer’s items, enabling us to react to our clients needs on a moment’s notice. This is backed up by our warehouseman and office staff.

We have the experience, knowledge to not only meet our clients’ needs but to add value with services such as; design build, AutoCAD, Vault setting, cable location, core drilling, pole placement, overhead and underground installations. We like to think if our customer has a need that we can provide it or find a way to make it happen for them.

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Jimco Electrical partners with many vendors to provide the best technology solutions for our customers.


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