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Delays to your project and scope creep can disrupt business. Let us show you how we plan, prepare and execute projects to limit costly delays.

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Electrical Construction

The sky's the limit with electricians! Whether you're looking to renovate or expand - Jimco has the right tools for your project. Our team of skilled professionals will work with you through every step.

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Electrical Engineering and Controls

Our engineering expertise has the experience and puts in the quality and effort to execute any project successfully.

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Low Voltage Division

Our low voltage division has the experience to build complex fiber-optic networks and the server expertise your projects demand.

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Camera Systems

Jimco understands the importance of security done right. Our technicians are skilled out-of-box thinkers to build a full-scale security solution. Let our experienced Jimco techs plan your next project.

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Detailed layouts

Jimco Engineering work's to deliver the exact layout and functionality your control systems require. We work to provide the correct functionality your project demands. Let us solve your next panel or control project today.

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Let's solve your security worries.

Your company is more than just a building - it's also the people who work there. Employees, clients, and customers need to feel safe and secure while at your business. We use Axis network cameras to build an interior and exterior perimeter focused on creating security within your company.

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Low Voltage Division

Your business needs more bandwidth. The tech world moves fast, and now you're stuck with slow speeds because of your network infrastructure. We design & build full-service low voltage solutions to meet all your connectivity needs, including fiber optics.

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