Camera Systems

Maximize Security and Minimize Costs with Jimco's Camera Systems

24/7 surveillance can be essential for some companies. Your employees checking perimeter lights, setting alarms, or watching video feeds for hours every day can run up your costs. Don't waste time patrolling. Reduce security expenses by hiring Jimco's camera systems.

You can be confident that our systems can minimize cost and human error, leaving your company, information, and employees safe.

  • Renders your property safer
  • Eliminates or lowers need for onsite security
  • Surveillance software to protect and notify you of any issues
  • 24/7 remote surveillance access
  • Milestone MCDE & MCIT Certified Technicians (learn More)
  • Milestone Surveillance Systems partner

Why choose Jimco?

Business Security Solutions are hard to come by. Our specially trained security professionals can tailor your plan to meet any potential threats to your security. Trust the guys that have been in business for over 60+ years! Reach out today!

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Camera installs for Knife River Training Center

Jimco's Security Camera team installed all surveillance cameras for the building, parking lot, and other areas on the property.